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secret candymagic 』のイメージモデルとして登場しています☆ Itano Tomomi has emerged as the image model of "secret candymagic"

For women who want to enjoy the fashion from the pupil ...
つけ心地 をこだわり抜いて、完成した『 secret candymagic The constantly evolving many times, you can outran a coloring and wear comfortable, and completed "secret candymagic"
No 1680 yen, 1480 yen ♥ There degrees every rich colors
Affordable price colored contact lens is recommended for those who want to change the colored contact lens in the mood for the day!
In addition, the hand does not appear a little high Kyanmaji ... for those who like that!
デカ目盛りレンズ から、カラコン初心者さんも安心できる ナチュラル系 外人風セレブ系レンズ まで幅広いラインナップな全16種類♥ From big scale lens leaking big eyes, natural systems that can be reliable for colored contact lens beginner, all 16 types ♥ a wide lineup to foreigner like celebrity lens

candy magic official site here!


It has emerged as the image model of "secret candymagic"!

が出演する「 サマンサジュエリー 」の新CMがオンエア開始となりました! New CM Itano Tomomi starring (Wednesday) from March 6 today of "Samantha jewelry" became the on-air start!

Please check it out ★

CM: Samantha jewelry CM air start!